Biotherapeutic Drainage (“Drainage” for short) is one of the mainstays of our therapeutic approach.  It is an approach to healing that was developed in Europe over 70 years ago. It synergistically combines the philosophies of Anthroposophical Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and homeopathy to produce a highly effective healing modality.  Within the biotherapeutic drainage framework, lifestyle elements, single homeopathic remedies, combination homeopathics known as UNDA numbered compounds, botanical formulations and nutrients are all used to rid the body of accumulated toxins.

We live in a time of unprecedented toxicity due to the rampant use of chemicals which make their way into our food supply, water resources and the air we breathe.  Research has shown that the average person has hundreds of chemicals stored in their tissue.  In addition, our bodies create toxic by-products of metabolism due to inadequate elimination, poor nutrition and stress.  It is this toxicity, in conjunction with one’s lifestyle and genetic and acquired predispositions that are at the root of most modern diseases.  The goal of treatment with Biotherapeutic drainage is to create balance by getting the body to react, self-regulate and return to a state of optimal physiologic function.

Dickson Thom and Tom Matteucci, NCNM Clinic

I was fortunate enough to work and study extensively with my mentor Dr. Dickson Thom of Portland Oregon, one of the world’s foremost experts in biotherapeutic drainage.  I have incorporated this clinical training into my practice because I have found it to be an incredible tool to promote healing and achieve a state of wellness.

Key remedies used in the biotherapeutic drainage protocol are referred to as UNDAs.  They are plant and mineral based preparations that increase the natural ability of your cells, tissues, and organs to excrete toxins and metabolic waste products that may inhibit healthy function and contribute to chronic disease.  UNDAs can also “drain emotional toxins” that may inhibit us from living our lives fully.  Drainage is an elegant and deep acting way to rebalance, heal, and restore the body. The remedies are safe, non-toxic, will not interfere with other medications, and have a gentle yet deep acting effect.

How does your body rid itself of toxins?

Your body excretes toxins through organs of elimination called primary emunctories; that is, through specific organs that release waste products.  Our primary organs of elimination (i.e., primary emunctories) are the bowels, kidneys, lungs, and skin.  We remove toxins and metabolic wastes through bowel movements, urination, breathing out toxic carbon dioxide, and sweating out toxins.  Two additional primary emunctories that are commonly overlooked are the liver and the emotions.  The liver functions like the oil filter in your car cleaning your blood before it goes back into circulation.  If the liver is compromised, toxins and wastes stay in the body diminishing health.  Emotional toxins can also accumulate and negatively impact our health.

If our primary emunctories become inefficient or blocked, then the body attempts to release wastes through different routes called secondary emunctories.  Secondary emuctories are less efficient and include the mucous membranes, musculoskeletal system, skin and mental/emotional.  Symptoms such as chronic sinus/vaginal infections/BPH, joint/muscle pain, skin rashes and infections or depression/anxiety can be signs that the primary emunctories are compromised and that the body is diverting toxic accumulations to the secondary routes of elimination; the secondary emunctories.

The accumulation of toxins in the body can be a significant factor in developing both chronic and acute illnesses.  Inefficient elimination can also create blockages to other therapeutic treatments.  Once the emunctories are supported and optimized for elimination, it is possible for healing to occur on a deep and profound level.