Naturopathic doctors subscribe to a unique philosophy that believes the body has an innate ability to heal itself.  This is illustrated by anyone who has cut their finger.  When you cut yourself, your body knows to stop the bleeding, create a scab and build new skin.  That same healing “instinct” exists throughout the entire body.  When there is an injury of any type, the body seeks to correct the problem.

However, if the body experiences a constant assault or if its ability to heal is impeded for too long, chronic disease can result.  Often medications are given that only cover up symptoms but do not treat the cause.  The underlying problem still exists.  You wouldn’t cover up your flashing “service engine” light on your car’s instrument panel with a piece of tape, thinking erroneously that the problem was gone.  Although the warning sign (much like symptoms your body experiences) is gone, the underlying problem is still there.  In most cases, ignoring the underlying problem will cause the disease process to worsen or manifest in other systems of your body.

Naturopathic medicine seeks to treat the whole person and the underlying cause, bringing the body back into balance so that it operates as physiologically intended with all of its fail-safe mechanisms against disease intact.  Using herbs, nutrients, nutrition, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and other modalities, we assist the body’s natural instinct and ability to heal itself effectively and completely.


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