Dr. Tom was great! He really listened to me and understood that I wanted to take a certain approach to my heath and I am very pleased with his knowledge and his genuine care for helping me achieve my optimal health.
JB, 29 yo female

I highly recommend Dr. Matteucci. My problem is longstanding chronic fatigue syndrome. He has good knowledge of physiology and nutrition and his philosophy makes so much sense: build your own body up with healthy practices, eliminating toxins.

Dr. Tom’s care is the best — and everything about him and his office is a pleasure to work with!  A+

All the concerns I had were addressed thoroughly. Dr. Matteucci had reviewed all my info before I even got there and was ready for me. I felt like I was listened to, my preferences were respected, and clarity was given where needed. Excellent!
MB, 29 yo F

I highly recommend Dr. Tom! He listens to me, identifies health problems based on symptoms and/or lab testing, offers feasible solutions, including nutritional guidance, supplements, homeopathics, gemmotherapy, and many other modalities.
TA, 44 yo F

Dr. Matteucci was wonderful. It was clear that he spent a significant amount of time looking over my symptoms prior to the appointment so no time was wasted. He gave me his full attention and addressed all of my concerns with sincerity and understanding.

Dr Tom is very caring and respectful. NOT condescending like some in the med profession. Very clear about what to be concerned about – and what not to be. I like how he prescribes natural routines which help me stay healthy while learning to self-nurture.

Dr.Tom really takes the time to understand and address your concerns. He is also very thorough in reviewing and explaining lab results.

I was never quite good with writing reviews, but I can say that my experience with Dr. Matteucci was all that I expected and more! I was informed to the fullest extent, shown a vast array of healing options & treated in an intelligent & respectable manner.

Knowledgeable, compassionate, accessible, kind and patient. He is nonjudgmental and sees optimum health in my prognosis. I’m so grateful for Dr Tom.

Dr. Tom is thorough and spends time listening to your concerns before trying to address the issues. Very knowledgeable. NOT overly quick to diagnosis or recommend unnecessary supplements, etc.; so glad he is based in Santa Barbara!

Dr. Matteucci was meticulous in his analysis of my case and always seemed to come up with  the best treatment plan to help my body heal at the cellular level.  He understands physiology and the difference in palliative vs. curative medicine.  Ultimately his goal for me was not only feeling well but truly experiencing wellness.  I was so impressed with his care I sent my teenager to see Dr. Tom.  He has a profound understanding of how to optimize health during these developing years. I highly recommend Dr. Tom for those serious about getting to the root of any health challenge.
CH, 39 year old male

Dr. Tom is very thorough and always willing to listen and offer help. I highly recommend his services. He is very knowledgeable in many areas as I have needed to consult him for several different situations.

Dr. Tom has been a very positive influence in both my physical health and quite unexpectedly for my mental health.  Rather than run to my conventional MD for every issue I have had, instead I have given Dr. Tom the opportunity to resolve my issue through natural means.  I have been pleasantly surprised that his advice has paid off.  And, when I step back and look at my entire physical being, I am very pleased.  Dr. Tom has helped me reduce the amount of toxins I have been putting into my body.  He has guided me in the importance of nutrition and I read one book he recommended that has helped me change the course of my life.  He really cares about my health.  But, he was clear from the onset, that this needed to be a collaborative effort and that I needed to do my part.  And, I can tell you, it has all been worth it.  I am a 53 year-old man who is now mistaken for a much younger man.  My skin is clear and youthful, my hair looks much healthier and it is much easier to control my weight.  I am much happier these days and have a different outlook on life.  Thank you Dr. Tom!
DM, 53 year old male

Dr. Matteucci is an extremely knowledgeable and hardworking doctor.  He really cares about how his patients are doing and is invested in helping them on their health journey.  He is great with following up and answering questions.  I highly recommend Dr. Matteucci to anyone wishing to further their health.
MF, 31 yo female